n e u p o p international
Comrade Neu
Andy Anderson,
aka Dr Neupop, Dr Neu of the Neu Bureau of Cultural Research, Toto Show Inspector of Clowns, Dr Inkblat etc....
Attended Edinburgh Art College 1960-61.
Dropped out,
went back to Brighton to work with the beat Brighton Beach poets John Upton and Roy Pennington.
In 1967 - 69 he worked with the Filmmaker Jeff Keen and his ACME Generating Company.
During this time he exhibited in The Brighton Combination and the Crypt at Sussex University.
On return to Edinburgh, 1974-78, he began to get published and exhibited visual material in the Lothlorian Bookshop and the Blue Parrot in Edinburgh’s new Paperback Book cafe scene.
In the seventies he also become an educator and worked with the radical free school, Hillside, to take kids on field trips to Derelict Buildings to look for 'found objects as toys and art'.
He has always encouraged people to take things apart, metaphorically.
He showed in Edinburgh flats and studio galleries, 1974 - mid eighties.
He studied in the art college art library from 1984 - 1999 where he met all the people
connected with this art show.
In the 1974 he moved to Stockbridge, bin-raking and selling junk to support his family.
He regularly corresponded with William Burroughs before his death.
Andy Anderson ( aka Dr. Neupop ) says ‘William Burroughs has been the biggest single influence on my writing’.
He exhibited again in 1986 in the Blue Parrot Cafe, in a solo show entitled Treens in High Heels, in the embrionic pop art revival in Stockbridge Edinburgh.
A performance artist since 1967 on Brighton Beach, he now works with Theatricum Botanicum theatre company, his latest performance being in Macbeth with Danni Minogue (Edinburgh Botanical Gardens Edinburgh Fringe 99).
In the early 1990’s he began his main work in the Theatre with Jason Malcolm-Herzmark and Jim Anderson (his son), Mr Mallard and Polly Verity in the toto show.
Co-founder of the toto show clown troupe 1995 at Edinburgh College of Art, in the Wee Red Bar, he performs occasionally as a clown, in galleries, parties and art venues.
As contributor to Theatricum Botanicum, where he has worked with Toby Gough, Jason Herzmark, and Danni Minogue, which won three Scotsman fringe firsts.
Linnaeus prince of Flowers (Edinburgh botanical Gardens Edfestival fringe 96, Glasgow Mayfest 97 ) , Joseph Rock, Plant Hunter ( Botanical Gardens Edinburgh Festival fringe 98 ), and Klytemnestra’s Bairns Carlton Hill 1995.
He wrote three speeches for the promonade of Macbeth in the Botanical Gardens Ed Festival Fringe 1999.
He appeared in Cyburb in Virtual Reality (ChristChurch Drama Centre ChristChurch, New Zealand ) in 1997, a live-video rock opera by Jason Herzmark and Toby Gough.
Andy's ”Atoms That Speak” has been self-published in sections and given to friends and anyone interested and left in the Forest Cafe free shop, Edinburgh for anyone to find. He has given a lecture on shamanism and spiritualism for the Edinburgh University phil soc.
He has also lectured on homeopathy, the History of Communism and Spiritualism at The Forest Cafe.
His theme for this show is Multi-Image-Pop, which includes references to I.Q. tests, Rorschach, excremental art and cultural warfare.
Now almost 60, he works under the banner of Neupop International as Doctor Neupop aka Dr Inkblat, aka The Inspector.
A promoter of re-assessed pop-art using new techniques and imagery. Traditionally a filmmaker he moved to video in the 80's.
His epitaph : ‘Pop will never die’.
His has been working on the web since 1996.
He is currently working (2007) as a supervisor and supplier to the Forest Cafe Free Shop, Edinburgh.
Dr Neumop 
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