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Due to a highly incompetent diagnosis, Comrade Neu was hauled before a medical tribunal. He is no longer entitled to call himself “Doctor”. Should he do so, he will be subject to arrest, a people's show trial and six months enforced labour in a potato gulag. The tribunal had heard a witness statement revealing that an eleven year old child had correctly diagnosed the condition thus rendering Neu's demise as “Doctor” incontestable!

Statement from the Revolutionary Medical Council, Metropolis North, January 2008



Comrade Peachly,

You are hereby issued with a summons to appear at a Proletarian Peoples Show Trial Tribunal accused of attempting to sabotage cultural activities during the current promotion of the Glorious Proletarian Campaign – The Great Leap Backwards. Specifically you willfully failed to show a propaganda film linking peoples entertainment facilities to their sources of power i.e. power stations, power lines, rail trucks and coal mines, thus holding back years of effort to establish socialist realist doctrine in the hearts of the masses at a crucial time in the struggle against bourgeois aesthetics, revisionist social attitudes and Get Rich Quick sloganeering. Your papier mechanique performances, however titillating and amusing, are mere frivolities and might even appear insulting to the heroic textile workers and peasant costume makers. Your paper costumes would hardly withstand a summer breeze let alone a shower of rain! In the meantime you will be required to attend lectures on why the Great Leap Backwards has to replace the Great Leap Forwards in the hearts and minds of the masses.

Issued by Commizar Dr N. of the Invisible Peoples Legal and Binding Politburo, Metropolis North 2005


G2 Cyborg for service

Dear Ms Verity, I have to inform you that your lodger Cyborg G8 is now required for service in the Gulf. He will be fitted with gas mask and given protective lubricant injections within the next 48 hours and shipped out with a fully operational unit to serve his nation of origin in this time of crisis. Those failing to release their Cyborgs to serve their country will face appropriate measures of the disciplinary variety.

I am sure we can count on your immediate co-operation and compliance.

Yours sincerely

Brigadier Dr. Neu.

G.H.Q. Scotland

5 Feb 2003


A revolutionary Britain must sustain a sense of humour. Come the revolution, I propose that all cinemas be opened night and day for a year for free showing Carry On Films, the original St Trinians, The Rebel starring Tony Hancock and other classics of British comedy to herald the joyful proletarian revolution.

Yours sincerely

Comrade Dr Neu

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